10 Reasons why your dogs howl and cry at night

Why do dogs howl and cry at night?

Have you ever gone to sleep in bed, and then suddenly your dog starts howling and crying?

Your puppy whining at night can be frustrating for dog owners because they want their dogs to be happy and calm. But unfortunately, the behavior of dogs can be annoying, and some of you guys might have to deal with this problem as well.

In this article, we will find out the reasons why do dogs howl at night and why you should not ignore this.

I have a lot of dogs in my house, and I face the same problem. Whenever my dogs howl and cry at night, my mom used to say they can sense evil spirits, so maybe that is the reason our dog is howling.

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It is considered inauspicious for a stray dog to enter your house and start crying; you drive him away immediately to avoid bad luck. Yet, there are other reasons why a dog might be crying and howling.

Whatever it is, please don’t ignore it!

Instead of getting frustrated or hitting your dog, look around your surroundings and figure out what your dog is barking at because dogs don’t bark without any reason.

Scientific Reason Behind Dogs Howling or Crying

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According to science, there are different reasons why dogs cry. However, scientists have told all these reasons only after research. Scientists do not believe that there is a ghost behind why dogs whining at night. They have explained some of the reasons which are given below: –

They howl to convey their message

Dogs speak to their fellow dogs to convey their message. You must have often seen that when a dog from some other place, comes to the area of ​​other dogs, your puppy sends a message and calls all the dogs by howling.


Loneliness is also the reason why dogs cry. Dogs are social animals, and they need company. So, if you leave them alone for a long time, they will feel lonely and start crying.

Sore pain

Sometimes dogs cry because of any pain or discomfort. You must have seen many dogs crying like this.


Dogs whine when they are under stress. There can be many reasons for causing stress inside a dog. Like they are not getting food on time. Or if you are training the dog, the dog can also get stressed. So, if your domestic dog is crying and doesn’t behave well, it may be because of stress. So, you should take care of your them properly.

Sense of insecurity

Dogs are very attached to their family members. Even street dogs cry because of the feeling of insecurity. So, if your domestic dog is crying, the reason for his crying may also be a feeling of insecurity. For this, you should take the help of professionals.

Separation anxiety

Sometimes dogs also whine because of separation. This usually happens with domestic dogs. Dogs love their owners very much. And when they do not see their owners for several days, they get depressed and start whining.

Age-related factor

When dogs get older, cognitive problems develop in them. And because of this, they get dementia. So if your domestic old-aged dog cries, you should take your puppy to the vet. Only they can give proper treatment to your dog.

While playing

Often when two or more dogs play with each other, they howl. Due to this, we feel that they cry. In addition, domestic dogs cry when their owner goes away from them so that their owner can walk back to them.

To set limits

Dogs howl when other dogs enter within that range. This is information to other dogs not to enter this boundary.

On getting something

Often dogs inside the army or used by the police are trained to start howling when they find anything. It is a message to its people that they have got something.


There are many answers to this question. But the main reason behind all this is that dogs need your love and care, just like your children or parents. So, you should take care of your pet well and give them all the love and affection they need. You should immediately take your dog to a veterinarian for treatment if it is severe.

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