Getting a new puppy is so exciting! But proper training in those early months is crucial for raising a well-behaved dog.

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Key Areas of New Puppy Training

Here are some key training areas to focus on:

Clicker Training

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  • Marks positive behaviors precisely.
  • Allows reward delivery a bit later.
  • Makes training like a fun game.

Teaching Your Pup Their Name

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  • Use short, upbeat repetition of their name followed by treats.
  • Be consistent and say their name before commands.
  • Make it a fun game to get their attention.

Crate Training

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  • Helps immensely with potty training success.
  • Provides a cozy, secure den for resting.
  • Makes travel and new environments less stressful.

Potty Training

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  • Stick to a consistent schedule for meals, water, and potty breaks.
  • Praise and reward successes immediately.
  • Limit access to rooms until fully potty trained.

Stay positive and consistent with training during those early months and you’ll have a great companion for life.

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