Easy 7-Day Obedience Training Plan for Dogs

As an experienced dog owner, obedience training is a top priority for me with any new puppy.

A well-trained dog is a joy to own and live with!

Over the years, I’ve refined a 7-day beginner obedience training plan that quickly but gently introduces new skills day-by-day. The keys are keeping sessions short and fun while setting your dog up for success at every step.

With my simple, day-by-day obedience training for dogs schedule, you’ll have the most well-behaved pup in the neighborhood in no time.

Trust me, you’ll want to bookmark this guide!

Let’s start!

Day 1 – Learning Their Name and Introducing “Sit”

To start on the right paw, invest time in simply getting to know your new dog or strengthening your bond with a current pet on Day 1 before diving into formal training. This helps your puppy trust you.

Use a Clicker for Precise Marking

clicker with treat, dog clicker training with the use of treat,
  • The click sound marks exact moments to reward.
  • This boosts learning!

Say Their Name Often

dog name training, how to teach a dog their name,
  • Use it happily when petting and playing.
  • Names are important! Treats right after hearing their name teaches that it’s special.

Hand Feed Treats

hand feeding a dog, dog hand feeding, teaching a dog to hand feed,
  • Dogs love treats from your hand! It shows you give good stuff.

Once you’ve built trust and communication, begin working on:

Teaching “Sit”

person and a dog, dog training, dog sit training, sit command training

The sit command builds the foundation for more complex skills down the road.

Start introducing it on Day 1 using positive reinforcement. Always try to keep first sessions very short and rewarding!

End on a success the first day.

Click here for my complete guide to effortlessly train a perfect sit.

Day 2 – Reinforcing Sit and Introducing Down

On Day 2, you can start layering in more structure.

Follow these tips:

Reinforce Sit

Briefly review sits learned yesterday. Up the repetition to really cement it.

Introduce “Down”

Now that your dog is mastering sit, start teaching down.

dog training to lay down having treat near dog nose,

End by practicing short sit and down sequences together.

Need a refresher? Click here for step-by-step down training instructions.

Day 3 – Maintaining Positions and Introducing “Stay”

You’ll be amazed by how much your dog picks up by Day 3 if you stick to 5-10 minute short sessions a few times a day.

Reinforce Sit and Down

Briefly refresh sits and downs, randomly alternating the order. Get creative! [Tips for keeping it fun]

Introduce “Stay”

teach a dog to stay using hand signal, training stay command using hand gesture,

Now it’s time to start asking your dog to stay.

Stay takes patience and many repetitions, but it’s worth it!

For complete step-by-step stay instructions, click here.

Day 4 – Proofing Skills and Introducing Recall

Halfway through your 7-day program! Test retention of earlier skills with fun games:

Reinforce Sit, Down, Stay

Come up with a simple sequence asking for 2-3 different positions and stays. Increase distance and time.

Introduce “Come”

There’s nothing more important than a reliable recall.

A solid “come” command takes time. Remain upbeat and patient!

how to teach a dog to come, training a dog to come, dog come command,

Click here for every single step of training a perfect recall.

Day 5 – Improving Recall and Introducing “Place”

You’ve made it to Day 5!

Today’s focus is strengthening recall and teaching “place.”

Reinforce Reliable Recall

Set up mini “tests” to proof your dog’s come when called. Hide and call them, have someone hold them while you call, etc.

Introduce “Place”

An excellent command for hyper dogs is teaching them a designated spot or mat to go “place!”

A solid place is so useful!

Check out this article for complete place training instructions.

Day 6 – Loose Leash Walking

It’s time to practice those skills on real walks! Don’t expect perfection yet though.

Troubleshoot Pulling

If your dog pulls on leash, stay calm and try these techniques:

Practice Loose Leash Walking

When your dog remembers to walk nicely next to you, reward generously!

Loose leash skills take time and consistency. Just remember to stay positive!

For complete leash training guides, see here.

Day 7 – Final Reinforcement and Graduation!

Welcome to your final day of formal training! You and your dog have come so far.

Revisit Problem Areas

Quickly reinforce any skills that still need polishing like stay, place, or leash walking. Make a list last session.

Proof Commands in New Locations

Test your dog’s obedience in new environments and with different handlers.

Celebrate Graduation Day!

After a week of training, celebrate your hard work with fun games and treats for your dog! [Dog Graduation ideas]

You’ve done it!

In just one week of short, positive sessions, you can make great progress training basic obedience skills with your dog!

This day-by-day plan outlines everything from teaching their name to reinforcing stay and come commands. Stick with it, troubleshoot issues as they arise, and keep it rewarding.

To continue building your communication, consider these guides:

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